Project status?

  • Matthew Gates
    Matthew Gates


    I just discovered this project, and it looks amazing.  I visited the wiki and noted some recent activity, but not a lot.  What's the deal?  Is the project still under active development?

    I'm willing to help out of you like, but I'm no expert in circuit sim.

    Is there some sort of task list or something like that?


    • Hi,

      Same here. I am en electronics student and I would like to contribute. I have a fairly good knowledge of C/C++ and some other programming languages also...

      Best Regards,


    • JasonP

      Hi everyone.

      I too also just found this project and am very excited about it. It has huge amounts of potential. I think it needs some more publicity personally. I have been trying to find a program like this one for a long time.

      Regarding work to be done, or other developer information, i found some links on the wiki for this project.

      If you scroll down to the bottom, you will see the developer side.

      I too want to help any way i can. I'm a computer tech and an electrical engineering major. At this point i know a little bit of everything, but mastered nothing. Programing is a weakness of mine that i am going to have to strengthen, and with the motivation of moving this project forward i might just do it.

      For now though, i will be happy to test for bugs and provide community support for instillations and the like. Maybe i can help build up the documentation or the wiki.

      We shall see.

      Heres to hoping this takes off!

    • Zoltan P
      Zoltan P

      You may want to subscribe to the mailing list of this project -- there is activity.

  • Gilson Júnio
    Gilson Júnio

    I would you like knowing about the project status, too.
    And the port to KDE 4??

  • Zoltan P
    Zoltan P


    practically all of the the development is happening on gihub:

    On the wiki you can find some information:

    For discussions, feel free to write to the mailing list, or join the IRC channel ( #ktechlab ).

    The KDE4 port is progressing very slowly, because of lack of time, basically.