Problem with slewing

  • Hello

    I have a problem with slewing my mount (littlefoot controller):
    I can move it with the INDI controlls, the home site is set correctly (in the program and in the mount). In the stars view i get a positive message when syncing to an object ("Synchronizsation successfull"), but when i try to slew to another object, i get the following message:
    "Object below the miminum elevation limit"
    even if the target object is in the direct neighbourhood of the synced one, no matter in what direction the target lies.

    Thanks for any hints or help

    • Hello,

      We don't really use this message board anymore.  I will post your message at our current boards at, in the "Telescopes and Hardware" forum.  Please look there for a reply, although I will try to remember to post any answers here also.

      thanks, and sorry for the problem; hopefully it will be easy for the developer who wrote the telescope stuff to figure out.


    • Thank you