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Krusader-2.1.0-beta1 Rusty Clutch released!

Krusader-2.1.0-beta1 "Rusty Clutch"

We are pleased to announce the second release of your favourite file
manager for KDE4! This version is the first one after moving the
development to kde-extragear. It is a well balanced mix of stabilization
and new features.

Being a beta release we ask you to provide bug reports, feedback and
patches to make the upcoming stable as solid as possible.

The highlights of this release are:

- Stabilization and code consistency
- Old views have been replaced by the interviews
- A new fast text and hex viewer called Lister
- Queued archive handling, which in addition is job based now
- Improved tab support, including locked tabs
- Better trash integration

Read SVNNEWS for detailed information about the new features and the
INSTALL file for detailed installation instructions.

Notice: if you've got bugs to report, please do so using Krusader's
website, and not using KDE's bugzilla (bugs.kde.org).

as always, enjoy
Krusader Krew.


Posted by Dirk Eschler 2009-10-31