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NEW *FINAL* version of Kraptor is released.

This NEW (April 2004) version fixes some bugs of the previous final version.

Released April 14, 2004

The main improvement is a new easy click 'n go installer for Windows users, it will install, uninstall the game.

It also has harder bosses and minor bugfixes.

Posted by Kronoman 2004-04-21

The *FINAL* version of Kraptor is done and released.

After almost three long years of development, Kraptor is done.
It has new levels, weapons and enemy ; also, the engine was polished and all bugs reported from preview releases were fixed.
I hope that you enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed doing it, and stay tuned for my future games.
Well, don't sit there, go and download it now! Also, the full source code of the game engine is available for download! (All for free!!!)

Posted by Kronoman 2004-01-28

A NEW preview release is OUT!!

The files include the datafiles for 5 full levels, FULL source code, and Windows and DOS binary.
Also, new cinematics, sounds, and you can play with mouse, keyboard and joystick/gamepad!
The game also compiles under Linux, and other platforms supported by Allegro.
You need DUMB and Allegro to compile it.

Posted by Kronoman 2003-12-14

0.9.95 is out

NEW version released. Preview version 0.9.95 is on downloads section. Also the source code. GO AND GET IT NOW!
A final release with 10 levels is coming... stay tuned...

Posted by Kronoman 2003-07-12