#7 add option to disable V4L settings


I don't have radio card, I would like to use only internet (online) radio -- however Kradio actually forces user to worry about radio card and shows a lot of errors I don't have /dev/radio device. I know I don't have it, because I don't have radio card -- all settings related to radio card is not relevant to me at all -- thus it would be useful to disable them and get rid off irrelevant error messages.

Thank you for an interesting app, I hope I figure out how to configure it for online usage.


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  • As far as I can reproduce, errors about a missing v4l device are only generated if you use v4l stations, not for internet stations. Furthermore, you can remove the instance of the V4L plugin in the plugin configuration. In SVN, there are some fixes which handle minor issues with (absent) V4L, although I believe, it does not affect your problem. I hope, this bug/feature can therefore be closed.
    BR, Martin

  • P.S.: If your problem remains, please reopen this issue. In this case, please add some details how to reproduce your issue. BR, Martin