dot could not display the data (2)

  • jonne

    Running "kprof -f executable" I got the following error:
      dot could not display the data (2)
      with exit value 1

    I debugged and figured out that dot gave the following error:
      [jonne@localhost Kprof_AdvCZ2gd]$ dot graphViz_temp -Tjpg -o test.jpg
    Renderer type: "jpg" not recognized. Use one of: canon cmap cmapx cmapx_np dia dot fig gtk hpgl imap imap_np ismap mif mp pcl pdf pic plain plain-ext png ps ps2 svg svgz vml vmlz vtx xdot xlib

    Finally, installing the following packages fixed the problem for me
    (I have Linux Fedora 8):
    graphviz-gd             i386       2.14.1-3.fc8     fedora             18 k
    graphviz-graphs         i386       2.14.1-3.fc8     fedora             29 k

    I guess only graphviz-gd could have been enough.
    Hope this helps anyone.


  • Anonymous

    I verified that. Yes only graphviz-gd  is enough to produce jpg file.
    dot graphViz_temp -Tjpg -o test.jpg
    can work for me.
    Test on RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.4