#6 Copying from audiocd:/ does not work

ipodslave (5)

The easiest possible way to rip a CD, encode it, and
transfer it to the iPod would be to drag the MP3
folder in audiocd:/ to the "Transfer..." directory in
ipodslave. I tried it, and it didn't work in a weird
way, which is why I'm reporting this as a bug. I hope
that this case will be supported in the future. BTW
I'm using ipodslave version 0.7.3 with KDE 3.5.4 from

I tried the transfer above on a short CD with three
tracks. During the rip/encode I got a couple of "this
is being transfer as a podcast" warnings. The net
result was: the music of the third track of the CD
was added to the metadata (name, track number,
length, etc.) of the first track (and thus put as the
first track due to the track number). The second
track was there, and there was no third track

Copying the MP3 directory to my home directory, and
then copying it to the "Transfer..." directory in
ipodslave works perfectly.


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    wow, this sounds really weird.
    I'd assume the problem here is the slave is not able to
    synchronize the transfers.

    Could you please send the mount options over?

    Also it would help if I could get some debug information.
    You can send debugmessages to a file by using
    kdebugdialog --fullmode
    and set the properties for the channels 7019 and 7101.

    AFAIK you have'll have to restart KDE though.

    Thanks in advance

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    Oh, and you need to enable debug info for channel 0 too.

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