recognize dvd fix

  • law195

    I have run into a band-aide fix to playing DVD with Kplayer. Can't say its a new problem, because I've never used any other program on this setup to play DVD either. I usually use my standalone player. But Mplayer will and Dragon Player will. I have libdvdread libdvdnav and libdvdcss installed. And there is a link /dev/dvd to /dev/sr0, my disk drive.( I did not make the link, it was already there when I looked )

    Kplayer would recognize there was a disk in the drive but not a DVD and it would not react from the menu File>DVD>play disk. It might play from open file and select a .vob., However, then it will play, I am assuming, still encrypted.
    from the command line:
    kplayer dvd:// does not play
    mplayer dvd:// plays clear
    mplayer /dev/dvd plays encrypted
    kplayer /dev/dvd plays encrypted

    I can now get Kplayer to recognize and play fine(mostly, that's later)fron DVD>play disk
    -Get the Libray to show by pressing ctrl+L or any other number of ways
    -Open the tree to Devices > DVD drive
    \you will want to change the properties, but it will not let you, so you have to add another one
    \my original has the path set to /dev/sr0
    -right click on "Devices" and select Add > Device... from the menu
    -type in any device name
    -type in the path to /dev/dvd
    \ I had to type in /dev/dvd(random) then backspace again to /dev/dvd to be able to click OK
    -select DVD from Device type dropdown
    -be recognized !!!

    Now it plays clear. Now the later. I must be missing something else because I can't control it or the menus. On this particular disc it will play the previews then ends. How do I get it to play the "Title screen" and let me control the menu?

    Thank you all

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