Request for help on cursor placement

  • RangerX


    I think KP Templates is a great plugin for Keepass and really enhances it

    I did few minor tweaks to my copy of KP Templates for personal preference as
    documented below, but I could not figure out how to make one change that I'd
    really like to make.

    1) Changed "Templates" tab position to be after the "Entry" tab because I
    usually use Templates to provide additional information related to the
    standard Entry tab like a second page. (Just my personal preference).

    2) Changed child templates to not display by default when opening an entry
    (standard Entry Tab displays first). Added ability to code a control
    (checkbox, listbox, etc.) on template that when set to True or Yes or Default
    it will open the child template tab first (overrides the new default).

    3) Added abiity to create a blank line for divider controls or a blank title
    for other controls by coding ":" in title field.

    4) Added ability to remove the default ":" for non divider controls.

    5) Fixed problem where template editor allowed a title with space(s) but if
    you saved the database and then re-edited the template an error occured
    (database save must remove whitespace values from strings making them empty or

    6) Fixed problem where listbox would give error if a value was not selected.
    Now when a listbox is created an option value of "Default" is created
    automatically in case user forgets to create option list. Also, if a value is
    not seleted for a listbox the first value in the list will automatically be
    selected when saving child template (or changing tab focus).

    The change I could not figure out how to make was when displaying a child
    template as the default tab to display, if the first field is a textbox, the
    data in the textbox is selected (highlighted). This makes it difficult for me
    to read and also distracts from the overall template. The standard "Entry" tab
    positions the cursor in the first field before the first character but does
    not select (highlight) the text.
    I worked for hours and searched the Internet for clues on how to change the
    Template tab to not select (highlight) the first field so it would work like
    the standard Entry tab, but nothing I tried worked. I am not a C# programmer
    and the dynamic controls, dictionary, etc. were beyond my ability. I am also
    wondering if cursor position is a function of Keepass and not the plugin.

    I would greatly appreciate if the author Mitch or someone else could help me
    how to make this cursor change by pointing me in the right direction or
    sending me a sample and where to place the sample in the code.

    If Mitch would like my code changes I'd be happy to send them for your review
    if it would provide any value to you. Since I'm not a C# programmer there may
    be better ways to do my changes, but they didn't seem to break anything.

    Thanks much... RangerX

  • Mitch Capper
    Mitch Capper

    Hello RangerX I have fixed the cursor / select all item and its in the next release coming out in the following week.