Clarification re: KPEntryTemplates-Usage.txt

  • Noah Pivnick
    Noah Pivnick

    hello, mitch.

    I'd like to pass along an edit of your KPEntryTemplates-Usage.txt that might
    help clarify things some for your users, I just had two questions:

    (1). There's one passage in the current file I just can't seem to decipher ...

    Editing the fields in the GUI has the same effect as editing them by hand,
    so you never have to use the GUI.

    Could you clarify the above for me?

    (2). Shall I post the edit as a patch or would you prefer I pass it along as
    an attachment via email?

  • Mitch Capper
    Mitch Capper

    Yes its written pretty horridly. The "so you never have to use the GUI" should
    have said so you do not have to edit the strings in the advanced string editor
    or the main page (yes I have no idea what I was saying in the first place).
    You can post the new version here or via email doesn't matter either way.