After create entry, what then?

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    tm tm

    OK, so I created a template in a template group, which is properly assigned in
    the databases settings. Let's just say this one is for name, address, phone
    numbers, etc. Let's call it Person.

    Next, I created a KeePass entry using the Person template. I full out all the

    I go to a test web page form with name, address, etc.

    I right click on Perfom Auto-Type, but nothing's doing there. What's the best
    way to get the information from the KeePass entry to the web form.

    (I'm new to KeePass and am making the painful transition from RoboForm, which
    handled this kind of job really well.)

  • Mitch Capper
    Mitch Capper

    Sorry unfortunately kpentrytemplates provides a GUI for keepass for showing
    your Person in a nice format but is not responsible for getting that data out
    of keepass onto a webpage, sorry!