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Version 6 is in progress finally. Thanks to strawberry perl and related tools I can now fully continue after all this time. I look forward to completing a full overhaul now that I can produce executable again without the need for what used to be the perl dev kit by activestate.

Posted by Paul Malcher 2014-08-06


Well, I may have lied in my previous post. I am working on a new version. However, a windows based exe may not be produced. Unless I can find a way to work around the fact the software I used doesn't exist anymore. If anyone would like to join this project let me know.

Posted by Paul Malcher 2012-11-24

Old project, new attempt

I'm not giving up on this project. I will take some time this year and breath new life into it. Also hope to revamp and update it after about 2 years of inactivity. I've got the crash cart out and will hook up the project, to zap it back from the brink.

Posted by Paul Malcher 2008-11-13

About kPad 5.2.1

I'm flattered to see there is a community out there that cares this project exists. Let me clarify a few things about Kake Pad. Yes, its written in Perl, but I have standalone executables available which do not require a person to have perl at all to work. Thanks to my activestate Perl Dev Kit license, which was recently upgraded as well. Since the project is Perl it will run on any OS where perl and the tk modules can be compiled, remeber that.

Posted by Paul Malcher 2005-11-18

kPad v5.2.1 release

This is a bug fix release.Fixed change tracking and proper file edit monitering.Expect a 6.0 to be released soon, I've decided to spend my night working on Kake Pad so there will be active development going on. Standalone Win32 executables provided by me as usual, gotta use my Perl Dev Kit once in a while you know. You should be able to expect bug free operation.

Posted by Paul Malcher 2005-07-02