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Kosmos File System (KFS) / News: Recent posts

kfs-0.3 release


We are pleased to announce release 0.3 of KFS

-- Performance improvements: Support for epoll for Linux, devpoll on
Solaris (Code contributed by Mike Ovassianikov, who is a new developer
on this project)
-- Support for KFS on 32-bit platforms (Code contributed by Jakub
Schmidtke, who is a new developer on this project)
-- Support for instantaneous du (In each level of the metaserver's
directory tree, we store the space used by the underlying sub-dir
tree. stat on a directory will return the directories disk usage).
-- Stability fixes to make KFS work well on JBOD... read more

Posted by sriramsrao 2009-04-27

kfs-0.2.3 release

We are pleased to announce release 0.2.3 of KFS. The new capabilities we have added to this release are: (1) support JBOD on the chunkservers (chunks are round-robin across drives and space on a given drive is also used to determine placement), (2) kfsfsck, a tool for checking KFS health. In addition, the release also contains stability fixes as well as fixes to FUSE.

Posted by sriramsrao 2009-01-12

Announcement: kfs-0.2.2 release

We are pleased to announce release 0.2.2 of KFS. This has stability improvements over previous release. This also includes a Web UI for monitoring KFS servers.

Posted by sriramsrao 2008-09-24

Announcement: kfs-0.2.1 release

This is a new release that updates kfs-0.2.0 with minor fixes/support for Mac OSX (leopard).


Posted by sriramsrao 2008-08-11

Announcement: KFS 0.2.0 release

We are pleased to announce the release of KFS 0.2. This has significant features compared to prior releases.


Posted by sriramsrao 2008-07-23

New sponsor: Quantcast

Quantcast is now the primary sponsor of the KFS project. KFS is deployed in the Quantcast grid. It is used for storing production log data for generating web-site metrics. The upcoming release of KFS will contain the code changes done at Quantcast.

Thank you, Quantcast!

Posted by sriramsrao 2008-07-08

Announcement: release 0.1.3

We are pleased to release KFS v. 0.1.3. The primary change from previous release is support for 32-bit platforms.


Posted by sriramsrao 2008-06-02

kfs-0.1.2 release

This release is a bug fix release. We are rolling in the fix to the client library code from kfs-0.1.1

Posted by sriramsrao 2007-12-21


Update to the initial release with additional features and stability fixes.

Posted by sriramsrao 2007-11-13

KFS version 0.1 release

KFS is a scalable distributed file system designed for applications with large data processing needs (such as, web search, text mining, grid computing, etc). This is the first release of the software.

Posted by sriramsrao 2007-09-28