#23 Option to make single chat window tabbed.

Jerry Kilpatrick

When I have a chat window opened with only one person I
would like to have the option for it to be a single tab.

The reason I ask for this is I run kopete on another
machine over broadband via an ssh x11 forward.
Obviously this may not be the best way to run the app,
but I have my reasons. The problem is, each time
something redraws it causes some lag. So when I go
from chatting with one person to chatting with two it
has to redraw a good portion of the window because it
goes from not being tabbed to being tabbed. If it were
already tabbed it would be less of a hit.

I'm a recent kde convert. Before when I was strictly
gnome and gtk apps gaim might not have been as pretty
but it was much more usable over broadband/ssh x11
forwarding. Again, I know the fact that I run it this
way is not your problem but catering to people like us
that do run it this way would be very much appreciated!

Additionally any other options you can give to
minimalize the interface would be great.