#21 Init crash

Jonathan G

Well, it was working really fine... a few days later, I cant open it... it load, I see the screen for a fraction of second and then it crash and kcrash appear.

I'm using Kubuntu 8.04

#kontrollerlab --version
Qt: 3.3.8b
KDE: 3.5.9
KontrollerLab: 0.8.0-beta1

#kontrollerlab --nocrashhandler
Segmentation Fault

I installed a couple of apps and a few updates to kubuntu, so I think that some of that cause the crash, but I can't know which of them was.

I attach the kcrash file, but it does not show too much information

Thanks in advance


  • Jonathan G
    Jonathan G

    kcrash file

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    Are you able to comiple it with debug symbols enabled? I mean, can you da an SVN checkout, compile it with the configure switch "--enable-debug=full"?

    If it crashes, the kcrash file would tell me much more and I can then try to solve it.

    Thank You very much in advance!

  • Jonathan G
    Jonathan G

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    Hello cadmaniac!

    I will try... I dont feel 'free' using Ubuntu because I prefer to do all with apt-get, I'm a slackware user and there I feel good to install, uninstall etc... but with Ubuntu I had a couple of bad experiences...

    I will keep you updated and submit more info when I get it

    Thanks for your reply!

  • Andreas Hahn
    Andreas Hahn

    Hello cadmaniac!

    Great software, thank you.

    The same happens here. If I use the MDI Mode 'Tab Page Mode', KL will crash at the next start. A workaround is deleting the kontrollerlabrc in .kde/share/config/, then KL starts with defaults.

    This is what the KDE-CrashManager shows:

    [?1034h[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
    [New Thread 0x7f7ec3928700 (LWP 4780)]
    [KCrash handler]
    #5 0x000000000049028a in KLProject::readFromDOMElement ()
    #6 0x0000000000490a3b in KLProject::open ()
    #7 0x00000000004b2fec in KontrollerLab::readProperties ()
    #8 0x00000000004b5ef6 in KontrollerLab::KontrollerLab ()
    #9 0x00000000004b9b7f in main ()

    Maybe it will help.

  • MiNobody

    The reason for crashing are the open files in project. In MDI Page Mode open files will not saved with state "STATE_IS_ATTACHED" but with state "0".

    Example from *.kontrollerlab
    current line:
    <FILE VIEWS="2,2,899,365,0," SHOWN="TRUE" NAME="dm_lcd.c" />

    line should by:
    <FILE VIEWS="2,2,899,365,4," SHOWN="TRUE" NAME="dm_lcd.c" />

    If you close all source windows before you are saving project file, the programm works fine next start.