#9 Pretty Print option

Robert Pegram

I am using Kompozer on both Windows XP and Linux Mint 9 (Isadora). On XP the lines of code are numbered which makes finding things easier. There is no line numbering on the newer Linux version.

In addition, the code is not laid out well on either version of Kompozer. Is there a pretty print program that is already available that the owner would let you include in Kompozer or that the agreement allows you to include in Kompozer? That would greatly reduce your time necessarily to include this function. It could be optional - click the Source tab and use a Pretty Print menu item to re-arrange the code to be laid out well, if desired. Pretty Printing (layout) makes comparing code to code I find on the internet much easier when it is laid out well.

Alternatively, do you know of a free Pretty Print GUI program that I could download? Thanks.

In Kompozer, when I try to print the code, I get the layout instead. I have to copy the code and paste it into a word processor to print it. If I am going to use an external program for Pretty Printing anyway, I suppose that doesn't matter. Again, do you know of a program for that - preferably GUI, although CLI is easier than nothing?

Thanks for writing Kompozer!