#256 Need to add non-breaking space

Philip Goddard

There are times when I need to be able to insert a non-breaking space, and it would be really nice to have this facility included in the Insert menu options, or indeed in the symbols / special characters submenu. As it is, I have to enter " " manually in the code for each one. It would also be nice to have the option to display non-breaking spaces in the normal view - though at least they do show up prominently in the code part of the Split view.

Incidentally, sometimes I want to insert a non-breaking space at the end of a line of picture caption (which is kept to picture width by line breaks), which is enclosed in a styling 'span', and at the moment I do get a non-breaking space inserted if I press 'Space' twice at the end of the line - BUT then there is an extra (normal) space beyond that. Although Firefox ignores that normal space at the end, I can't be sure that all other browsers would, and I would like to have just a non-breaking space at the end - but KompoZer doesn't let me do that, removing the non-breaking space and indeed for some reason removing most of the extent of the styling 'span'.


  • Agreed, I miss that too. I'll see if I can insert an   with Ctrl+Return, but I suspect it won't be as easy as it sounds.

    For the record: in case you use a keyboard layout that lets you enter non-breakable spaces manually (which is not very common, but that's my case), the Mozilla <editor> component doesn't insert &npsp; either.