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With such a powerful program, it certainly is very manual oriented. By what I mean is, there is very rare automation within the program. All code has to come from somewhere, and if the website designer is new and unaware of what code goes where and how it is written, there is very little usefulness for that designer. What if there were some automation in the form of wizards, I know it sounds a little too Microsoft like, but, it may help some of those who are just starting out and want to just create something. For one, I would like a photo album wizard, with options for slide shows, gallery views, image resizing, image filetype options, the whole works that has to do with creating a full fledged photo album site.


  • OSavill

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    I agree with this posting. I need to knock up a demo page very quickly. It would be great to choose a template which looks decent and then modify this rather than hand crafting everything from scratch!

  • Joel

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    The closest thing I have found to automated album wizards is a text based program called "album". It runs very well and is fully customizable (well, if you know how to customize it. People still need to know the html code in order to customize this). Although customized album pages are already created by the community, there is only so many to choose from. Maybe this program could somehow be added to the komposer codebase to maybe allow a GUI base of this program. If I find the website, I'll add it to this forum so it is easy to find.