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draw a box in kompozer

  • Jon Gardner
    Jon Gardner

    Does anyone know how to draw a box around an area in Kompozer???  I have text and pictures that I want seperated from everything else and I want to isolate them with a single or dotted line box....  I've tried to create a table, but it will only let me put a line around the text and not the picture... 

    Any help is appreciated!!!


    • Yue Zhao
      Yue Zhao

      It seems that we can not create a <div> block in a WYSIWYG way,
      the only way is to create multiple column table, maybe the link bellow is helpful:

    • The function in html that most replicates a box in a drawing package the border.
      Borders can be placed around many objects especially using the box model in css.
      Borders can be placed around divs tables cells and images.
      Defining an object  border is a different logic to drawing a box but is how to go about it.