#476 Inserts <BR> into Empty Rows


Trying to create a coloured row 1px in height, so it just looks like a very thin line. However when you create the row, and set the height, Kompozer keeps adding a <br> between the <td> and </td>. Even if you delete it, Kompozer just re-adds it again, and you have to open the file in another editor, delete it, and it will then display fine in IE/FireFox, until you open it again in Komposer, which then enters the <br> automatically.


  • Julia B.
    Julia B.

    The aim of <td> is not a design aim. You can use <td> for creating a table's row and adding informations in, but not for creating a thin line.
    If you want to create a thin line, you can use a CSS attribute on the <td> element to display a 1px solid border. However, you might want to use a <div> element instead: don't use <table> elements for your layout!... but that's another story.

    For the problem you noticed, it's a pending bug about the Markup Cleaner that doesn't clean <br> elements in cells. Note that even if you don't have a <br> element in the <td> cell, you still don't have a 1px line.

  • Julia B.
    Julia B.

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