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Koha 2.0 released!

After a two year cycle of intense development efforts Koha 2.0 is now being released! Early release copies of Koha 2.0 have been deployed in libraries in France and the United States for over 6 months. With this new release, we expect Koha to be deployed in many more libraries around the world.

Koha 2.0 is a major upgrade to the Koha 1.2 system, including features like: a fully templated web interface, translation tools and translations into french, chinese, and polish, and best of all ... full integration with MARC (both UniMARC and MARC21).

With this release, we're making a change in the release managment for Koha. Paul Poulain, who managed the development of Koha 2.0, will be turning over the ongoing management of the 2.0 version to MJ Ray. Paul won't be sitting idle though, he will become the manager of Koha
2.2 development. Congratulations, and good luck, to both MJ and Paul.

Too many people have contributed to Koha over the last two years to thank everyone individually, but we would be remiss if we didn't mention a few people who've made major contributions: Paul Poulain and Steve Tonnesen did the majority of the design for our new MARC database layout, Stephen Hedges and the Nelsonville Public Library funded a great deal of the MARC development, l'Abbaye Notre Dame des Dombes also aided the MARC work by providing a test environment during early development, MJ Ray coordinated much of the bug hunting and squashing effort, and last (but not least) Katipo Communications has continued to provide all manner of support to the Koha community.

Posted by Pat Eyler 2004-03-31