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Koha 1.9.3 released

This release adds a lot of bugfixes (thanks to everyone who's
helped!), a first cut at z3950 support, and a script for migration
from other ILSs. This is release marks a feature freeze pending the
2.0.0 release. As always, this release is available from

1.9.3 requires a newer version of MARC::Record than previous versions
of Koha. Please make sure you're running MARC::Record 1.26. We've
also made a few more tweaks to the Database Schema. If you've already
installed an earlier version of Koha, you will need to update your DB
to reflect these.

1.9.3 is a beta level release. It is not intended for production
use. Please don't run your library on it, as this may result in
martians invading your staff lounge and drinking all your coffee.

If you are evaluating, testing, or playing with 1.9.3 for any reason,
please help us make it better by reporting bugs on bugs.koha.org.
Feel free to fix them too.

Some of the big ticket items still to be completed are:

* some GUI reordering, as planned with Rachel from Katipo and others(paul & others)

* finishing port of non-marc cataloguing & non-marc simple
acquisition from 1.2 version (chris)

* bug fixes (everybody)

* cleaning z3950 old searches (more than 1 hour/day old ?) (paul)

Posted by Pat Eyler 2003-05-23