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Koha 1.9.2 released

Koha 1.9.2 has just been released, and can be downloaded from:
Please note that 1.9.2 is another alpha quality release in a series which will lead to Koha 2.0.0.


* Koha does NOT work with MARC::Record 1.12. It works fine with MARC::Record 0.93, and maybe with other versions.
* In the MARC search, the "not" flag does not work, the result of these queries is very strange !
* en and fr are the only languages well supported in this version. Other translations will be brought up to date shortly.


* An 'About' page has been addedwhich shows versions of Koha, Apache, MySQL, and Perl to make bug reporting easier.
* Repeatable subfields now correctly stored.


* script for migration from koha 1.2.x -> 2.0.0
* script to upload MARC data and items into active DB
* script to upload CSV biblio and items into active DB
* z3950 client

Posted by Pat Eyler 2003-04-11