Koha 1.9.1 release

Koha version 1.9.1 (a development snapshot of the upcoming 2.0 series)
was released earlier today by Paul Poulain, the Koha 2.0 release
manager. This new release represents a great deal of work by Paul and
the other Koha developers. It also marks the beginning of a code
freeze and QA effort, there is only one group of features left to add
and all other work on the 2.0 series will be bug-fix related. This
code freeze will be lifted after the 2.0.0 release is made.

* Standard acquisition and MARC cataloging now both useable at the same time.
* MANY bugfixes.
* Almost everything now templated. A few admin scripts still to template.
* Inclusion of some pictures to say "add", "modify", "delete" in many places.
* The koha-html cvs tree is now UNUSED, and no longer included. The
koha cvs project contains everything.

* z39.50 support. A port from the 1.2.x z39.50 support needs to be
done. Should be quick,
* Fixing bugs. If you find a bug in this version, please report it at:

* Koha does NOT work with MARC::Record 1.12. It works fine with
MARC::Record 0.93, and maybe with other versions.
* Repeated subfields in MARC/iso2709 works poorly : only the 1st
subfield is stored, other are ignored. At least, the first is stored
correctly. (In the 1.9.0, the 1st was corrupted by other subfields too)
* In the MARC search, the "not" flag does not work : the result of the
query is very strange !
* en and fr are the only languages well supported in this version.
Other translation teams are waiting for more stable templates :-)

Posted by Pat Eyler 2003-04-04