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Koha 1.3.0 is released

Koha is a free integrated library system. It has been in active use since the beginning of 2000. Today, the Koha project has reached a new milestone.

Koha 1.3.0 has been released. This release marks the beginning of public development and testing of the MARC compliant Koha we've been Looking forward to. As the 1.3 releases stabilize and reach feature completion, they will become Koha 1.4.

This is an alpha quality release only. *DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE IT IN PRODUCTION SYSTEMS* It may cause data corruption or loss, it may confuse patrons, it may cause books to refile themselves in strange places. *IT SHOULD BE USED FOR TESTING ONLY*. (I hope that's clear enough.) If you are want to use Koha in a production setting, please stick with the stable 1.2 release until the 1.3 series stabilizes enough for us to create Koha 1.4.0.

Significant new features in this release include:
* Data is stored natively in a MARC based format.
* Multiple flavors of MARC are supported.
* Enhanced API supports both the new MARC format and the older Koha specific format.

Please note though, that from a users perspective, this release should look just like a 1.2 series release. All of the work so far has been in redesigning the data format and extending the API. User visible changes will be included once the infrastructure has stabilized.

It is also important to note that the simple acquisition system is currently broken. *DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT USING IT* The full acquisition system works correctly.

Paul Poulain
1.4 Release manager
the Koha project

Pat Eyler
the Koha project

Posted by Pat Eyler 2002-09-24