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Koha / News: Recent posts


Since December 2005, the Koha project repository has been moved to Savannah:


Posted by Paul POULAIN 2005-12-01

Koha 2.0 released!

After a two year cycle of intense development efforts Koha 2.0 is now being released! Early release copies of Koha 2.0 have been deployed in libraries in France and the United States for over 6 months. With this new release, we expect Koha to be deployed in many more libraries around the world.

Koha 2.0 is a major upgrade to the Koha 1.2 system, including features like: a fully templated web interface, translation tools and translations into french, chinese, and polish, and best of all ... full integration with MARC (both UniMARC and MARC21).... read more

Posted by Pat Eyler 2004-03-31

Koha in Spanish

The SIU (http://www.siu.edu.ar) has contributed a spanish language translation of Koha to the project. Their contribution coincides with the creation of a mailing list for further development of Koha for spanish speaking users. You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending mail to koha-subscribe@es.koha.org and following the directions you receive.

Posted by Pat Eyler 2003-06-04

Koha wins award in Trophees du Libre

Koha (http://www.koha.org), the world's first Open Source Library Automation System, has been awarded the prize in the 'Software for Public Administration' category of the Trophees du Libre (http://www.tropheesdulibre.org) in Soissons, France. Paul Poulain, Koha's release manager for the upcoming 2.0 release, was on hand to receive the prize -- Koha's third award since its initial deployment in early 2000.... read more

Posted by Pat Eyler 2003-05-28

Koha 1.9.3 released

This release adds a lot of bugfixes (thanks to everyone who's
helped!), a first cut at z3950 support, and a script for migration
from other ILSs. This is release marks a feature freeze pending the
2.0.0 release. As always, this release is available from

1.9.3 requires a newer version of MARC::Record than previous versions
of Koha. Please make sure you're running MARC::Record 1.26. We've
also made a few more tweaks to the Database Schema. If you've already
installed an earlier version of Koha, you will need to update your DB
to reflect these.... read more

Posted by Pat Eyler 2003-05-23

Koha 1.9.2 released

Koha 1.9.2 has just been released, and can be downloaded from:
Please note that 1.9.2 is another alpha quality release in a series which will lead to Koha 2.0.0.


* Koha does NOT work with MARC::Record 1.12. It works fine with MARC::Record 0.93, and maybe with other versions.
* In the MARC search, the "not" flag does not work, the result of these queries is very strange !
* en and fr are the only languages well supported in this version. Other translations will be brought up to date shortly.... read more

Posted by Pat Eyler 2003-04-11

Koha 1.9.1 release

Koha version 1.9.1 (a development snapshot of the upcoming 2.0 series)
was released earlier today by Paul Poulain, the Koha 2.0 release
manager. This new release represents a great deal of work by Paul and
the other Koha developers. It also marks the beginning of a code
freeze and QA effort, there is only one group of features left to add
and all other work on the 2.0 series will be bug-fix related. This
code freeze will be lifted after the 2.0.0 release is made.... read more

Posted by Pat Eyler 2003-04-04

Koha 1.3.0 is released

Koha is a free integrated library system. It has been in active use since the beginning of 2000. Today, the Koha project has reached a new milestone.

Koha 1.3.0 has been released. This release marks the beginning of public development and testing of the MARC compliant Koha we've been Looking forward to. As the 1.3 releases stabilize and reach feature completion, they will become Koha 1.4.

This is an alpha quality release only. *DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE IT IN PRODUCTION SYSTEMS* It may cause data corruption or loss, it may confuse patrons, it may cause books to refile themselves in strange places. *IT SHOULD BE USED FOR TESTING ONLY*. (I hope that's clear enough.) If you are want to use Koha in a production setting, please stick with the stable 1.2 release until the 1.3 series stabilizes enough for us to create Koha 1.4.0.... read more

Posted by Pat Eyler 2002-09-24

Koha 1.2.0 is out!

Its finally here!
Nearly a year since the last release, we have a new stable release of koha.

The main new features in this version are:
- Can search by dewey number
- Keyword Searches can be restricted by a dewey number
- Can restrict a catalogue search by a class of items
- Simple acquisitions module
- Deleting borrowers checks their accounts for reserves, current issues,
and fines
- New catalogue maintenance section
- MARC importing from a file, and from z39.50... read more

Posted by Pat Eyler 2002-06-14