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File Date Author Commit
INSTALLATION 2006-07-14 diogenesx [r33]
fixChildrensCards 2006-07-14 diogenesx [r33]
koha-simulate 2007-01-03 diogenesx [r88]
kohaBar 2006-08-10 diogenesx [r48]
kohaBar-daemon 2007-01-03 diogenesx [r86]
kohaOfflineCirculation 2006-08-22 diogenesx [r49]
kohaReports 2006-10-16 diogenesx [r75]
marc-tools 2006-06-15 diogenesx [r1]
winnebago-to-koha 2007-01-03 diogenesx [r87]
COPYING 2006-06-15 diogenesx [r1]