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1.3 Development halted

Let's face it, guys. The 1.3 beta sucked, and it's time to move on.

Here is a little history:

0.5 was my first fully stable public release, and it rocked. based on fluxbox as a WM, it ws cool, but very very rough.

1.0 got slashdotted before it hit the mirrors, so a lot of people got pissed off, but fuck 'em. Anyone who knows free software knows to pick your own favourite releases as "stable". :)... read more

Posted by Daniel R. Tarsky 2004-06-25

KnoppiXMAME 1.1 - Classic Gaming is a breeze

This is the first hosted release of KnoppiXMAME. - A CD/DVD bootable mini-Knoppix CD for playing X-MAME games portably, or to use for converting an arcade cabinet with minimal cost (a hard drive is not needed). -

The .iso has been shrunk down to 150MB, all programs such as xmame have been moved off the compressed filesystem and onto the CD so a user can replace them as often as new releases of X-MAME come out.... read more

Posted by Daniel R. Tarsky 2003-12-27