I just completed a fresh installation of Kubuntu 12.04 this evening. I then added Clay's ppa to my system like normal and installed KMyMoney. I then tried to open my sqlite database file that I had used earlier this morning on my previous 10.04 system and well it won't open now. The same file still works just fine in my Android version of KMM but not in this newest version that was installed with 12.04.

KMyMoney version = 4.6.2

The following is the error that I get anytime I try to open the database:

Error in function const QMap MyMoneyStorageSql::fetchSchedules(const QStringList&, bool) const : reading Schedules Driver = QSQLITE, Host = localhost, User = eric, Database = /home/eric/Dropbox/KMyMoney/EABonney.sqlite Driver Error: Database Error No -1: Text: Error type 0 Executed: SELECT id, name, type, typeString, occurence, occurenceMultiplier, occurenceString, paymentType, paymentTypeString, startDate, endDate, fixed, autoEnter, lastPayment, nextPaymentDue, weekendOption, weekendOptionString FROM kmmSchedules ORDER BY id;; Query error No -1: No query Unable to fetch row Error type 1 in file /build/buildd/kmymoney-4.6.2/kmymoney/mymoney/storage/mymoneystoragesql.cpp line 3362

Anyone got any ideas as to why this is happening now?