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Read Me

KML mapserver wrapper

* What is this thing?
  this is a wrapper around UNM Mapserver, to serve KML data in a WFS-like manner

* Requirements
  PHP5 with mapscript and simplexml

* Configuration
  Configuration is done through CGI-style calls and through some optional metadata in
  the layer section of the mapfile

  RESULT_FIELDS                # from which field take the name for the feature
                               # defaults to the first field

  BALLOON_TEMPLATE             # if present, this is used for placemark features tooltip
                               # for example:
                               # "BALLOON_TEMPLATE" "<h1>$[name]</h1>$[description]"

  DESCRIPTION_TEMPLATE         # if present, this is used to create a description from values
                               # in the database.
                               # Parameters surrounded by "%" char are substituted
                               # with real values from the corresponding field for the feature

  DESCRIPTION                  # All those metadata are searched (in this order) to get a layer
  OWS_TITLE                    # description

  KML_CACHE                    # number of second the cache will lasts
                               # if empty or not exists, the cache will be disabled for that layer

  KML_SKIP                     # if equals to "true", kml output is disabled for this layer,
                               # default is false

  KML_ADD_POINT                # If not empty, add a point with balloon to start and end
                               # line geometries. Value is the icon url.

    * - request     = string - optional - request type (OGC WFS like)
    * - map         = string - required - path to mapfile
    * - typename    = string - optional - (can be a csv list) - layer name(s), if empty, all layers are returned
    * - filter      = string - optional - filter encoding (single layer requests only)
    * - bbox        = string - optional - standard bbox specification (Not yet implemented)
    * - encoding    = string - optional - default to ISO-8859-1

* Filters
  Only PropertyIsEqualTo and PropertyIsLike are supported ATM.

* Encoding
  kml is UTF-8, mapfile and attributes could have other encodings, you can set encoding via request parameter, otherwise ISO-8859-1 is used as default.

* Raster support
  Raster layer are supported as standard WMS network links, it is necessary to add EPSG:4326 to WMS_SRS metadata on all mapfile layers.
  Mapfile must be correctly configured as WMS server (i.e. all required metadata must be set).

* KMZ compressed output

* Styles and classes
  There is limited support for classes and style:
    * only one style for each class is parsed, if you have multiple styles in one class, the values of the last one are used
    * only color, outlinecolor, backgroundcolor, symbol, size and width are parsed

* Cache
  A simple caching for single layer requests is available.
  If you want to use the cache, set KML_CACHE layer metadata to the number of seconds the cache should last.
  A web server writeable "cache" directory must exists at the same level of the main script
  You can globally enable or disable cache with the global constant ENABLE_CACHE in layerserver.class.php

* Know issues
  * Filled polygons fail to wrap on the mountains (this seems a GE bug), a define('TREAT_POLY_AS_LINE', true)  control this behaviour

Single layer:

Two layers (one raster and one vector):

All layers as network links:

Single layer with filter:

Returns a PNG icon for a give poin layer/class combination
Example calls:

If you want transparent icons, set PNG output format to RGBA and IMAGECOLOR to the transparent color