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KMLCSV Converter-2.0.0 Released

KMLCSV Converter is a tool that converts Google Earth's KML file to a formatted CSV file for Garmin GPS, and vice versa. This enables you to plot all custom POIs with Google Earth (free version) and transfer them into your Garmin GPS using the POI Loader.

This new version has several improvements:-
1. Renamed application from "Google Earth KML/CSV Converter" to "KMLCSV Converter".
2. Kept each placemark information truly at one line in the CSV file. If the comment has line breaks, they are replaced with <br> tag.
3. Double quote are escaped with another double quote to ensure they are balanced and prevents parsing error in CSV file.
4. The version check at tool startup occasionally freezes the application especially for those who has slow internet connection. Now, this version check is handled in the separate thread and this allows the application to be used in parallel with this version check.
5. Fixed: Application throws exception when "Create" button is clicked without CSV input file.
6. Alphabetically sort the loaded table content by name.
7. Increased application window from 640x480 to 800x600.
8. Increased table column sizes.
9. Added console viewer.
10. Moved instruction above table content.
11. Always clear the console messages when "Browse" and "Created" buttons are clicked.
12. Instead of displaying message on pop up dialog, it is now written in the console viewer.
13. Added splash screen.
14. Replaced application icon.

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This release can be downloaded from

Posted by Choon-Chern Lim (Mike) 2007-07-14