Why did you remove the sorting feature?

  • Hi,
    i just upgraded from 2.0 to the newest Version and i'm kinda disappointed.
    First, the sorting feature is gone :<
    Why would you remove such a cool feature?
    Secondly, it still produces unusable characters in the files it converts.
    German ä, ö, ü and ß look like this in a .csv

    7.787677999999999,"50.041434","Burg Fürstenberg",""

    and in the .kml
            <address><![CDATA[Burg Fürstenberg]]></address>

    However, the characers look fine in kmlcsv converter but get eaten when you save the files!

    But thanks for this cool program and keep up the good work!

    • Maybe i should add something to my previous post.
      The old version i was using, automatically sorted all the placemarks inside the .kml alphabetically! Imho that was a great feature! You could easily see and sort out double and triple entries and correct typos in the names. And i believe it would be even cooler if one could edit a placemarks' name and comment directly in kmlcsv-converter.