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KMid 2.3.0 Released

KMid is a MIDI/Karaoke player for KDE4. It runs in Linux, using the ALSA Sequencer.

KMid plays MIDI and karaoke files to hardware MIDI devices or software synthesizers. It supports playlists, MIDI mappers, tempo (speed), volume and pitch (transpose) controls and configurable character encoding, font and color for lyrics. The graphic views include a rhythm view (visual metronome), a channels window with solo/muting controls and instrument selectors, and a piano player window (Pianola).

Changes for this release:
* New Mac OSX and Windows backends
* Fixes in ALSA sequencer backend:
* ·don't set an explicit output pool size, using the default size instead.
* ·unconditionally reload MIDI devices before checking the available outputs.
* Drumstick libraries v0.3.1 recommended.

More info:

Copyright (C) 2009-2010, Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
KMid is free software distributed under the terms of the GPL v2 license.

Posted by Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas 2010-04-26