okay if you read this i think you get what i mean would be a cool idea for a feature..
its taken from here: http://www.livejournal.com/talkpost.bml?replyto=2564139

When you click a link on or download an image referenced from, say, http://martmart.livejournal.com/, most web browsers send a header called "Referer" to the server containing the thing that was being linked to telling it what referred you to it, in this case my LiveJournal. It is this that the servers check and see if it has "geocities.com" in the hostname, for example, to see what was linking.
I have what's called a filtering proxy which alters certain things when I request a website through it. One of the things it does is rewrites the referer header so it contains the URL of whatever I'm accessing, thus making it appear that I'm loading stuff on geocities.com from geocities.com, even if they were linked from a site such as LiveJournal. This only works for me, though, so if I was to link to an image on GeoCities it wouldn't work for anyone else.
I think Opera 5 has a feature build into it that can do a similar thing, but that's the only browser I know of that actually does this itself. More often you need to have some intermediate software to do it.
As I say, this isn't really an option. It's annoying that referer headers have to exist in the first place... for one thing, they make people generate statistics from them which are often inaccurate anyway.

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