since there is some Forum driven work going on,
i wonder whether people that work on the browser
have to become official dev - to issue a k-meleon?


some people are working on a maintenance release for 0.9 ( adding Macros, Xul and Mozilla made GRE update)

Plus ppl such a Dorian and Hao work on a version for SeaMonkey.
( they are testing already - maybe some may want to help at testing)

Work on macros, Xul, user.css and searching for future improvements is also going on;
(e. g. ppl work at Lua macros).

Maybe Project Admin(s) should look at more loose rules about submitting "official" contributions?

Also ppl from continental Europe might be shy to join as official dev when they lack official training ; - ) like University.

Plan for council?
why have it?
does it get us a new browser?

I assume Carson or Brian or ... can be representing us to the outside. (they are much better with English than many of us).

But internally i can not see much use to a Council.
Nobody can "council"  the ppl that try to work.
And if the ppl the work serve on the council = work time is lost.

mfG guenter

Al. schrieb:
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 23:36:55 +0100
From: Ulf Erikson 
Subject: Re: [Kmeleon-dev] Spam on the K-Meleon
General Forum
To Whoever Can Wipe It Out

Andrew or --?-- (here is where our new Council
would be so useful)
For a long time no one (?) knew that the forums (or
the mailing list!)
could be moderated. It was only when I helped Andrew
get installed as
project leader after Jeff that we went searching for
what tools there
really are for an administrator.

Andrew and jsnj have moderator accounts for the
forums. (actually i
think they have administrator accounts, which means
that they can
appoint more moderators if needed) They are also
moderators for the
mailing list and will thus review all posts by
non-members. And as
administrators of the bug tracker they can give more
permissions to
other users.

For the Wiki I think me and Andrew are the only ones
with full powers
(such as being able to purge old data). Web and CVS
should be open for
all group members.

The only set of "keys" with a single owner today
might be database

I fail to see the usefulness of a Council and what
it can bring you
besides endless discussions (with endlessly long
emails?). Easiest way
to form a new group is if individual volunteers step
forward to receive
the needed permissions from Andrew or jsnj. You
don't need a consensus
on who may participate and who not. Everyone may and
can help! But you
need to say so. There are no invitation cards sent

Hi all,

In regards to this I'll quite happily volunteer to
help if that is what is needed to gain further
permissions for maintenance etc. and be part of the
development team (or whatever name it goes by). The
idea of a council has since slipped by as there are
the usual objections by different people in regards to
the whole idea, and some strange notion of losing
"control" (whatever that may imply). So if it does
instead come down to individuals volunteering then
count me in.

As to my campaign to attract new developers to the
project, I have received one response from an
interested party (he is posting here as
Picoman/Magzilla), and it looks like he might be keen
to help out with the project. If that is the case when
he gets back to me via email I'll let you all know
he's intentions. If Dorian is also interested in
joining in on official development, now would be a
good time for him to speak up. Dorian does some good
work unofficially, so I don't see what issues or
problems might arise if he did become an official
developer. He has already worked on a proper tabs
system for K-Meleon, and has also managed to build
K-Meleon against SeaMonkey v1.8/1.9, and these builds
can be found here:

Anyhow that's all for now (I've spent my two cents as

All the best,

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