Hello Iain, Feedback to tell you I used K-Meleon for the first time today.   I thought Opera was fast, but K-Meleon leaves it standing!   And the download manager works to perfection.   An excellent browser.
The only problem I have now,  is that each time a web site window opens, a little window from K-Meleon appears,  saying "There is no data on this page" whereas the page is already loaded, so I just cancel the notice and all proceeds well.   I must find out what adjustment to make to stop this incorrect warning from appearing.   But K-Meleon Beta 4 is BRILLIANT!!!    Thank you very much for this marvellously efficient browser and for the assistance.   Kindest regards, Bob.
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From: Bob Bowen
To: Iain Tatch
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2005 3:17 AM
Subject: Re: [Kmeleon-dev] No Toolbar on K-Meleon - HELP!!!

Hello Iain,  
Whattadyaknow!   Success! 
Beta 4 installed clean and the toolbar is clear and present.   The browser is quite a beauty and I'm looking forward to trying it out.   I've used Opera for years.  I  have tried most browsers, and Opera comes out the best.  The MSIE is a useless cumbersome browser and needs to be completely rebuilt - it's patched to high heaven and even the patches have been patched - I die of nothing but the rage to patch!  
Using Firefox brought a spate of spyware, and it's slower than Opera - overrated in my view.   I'll probably be lynched for saying this, but that is my experience of it;  whereas with Opera I seldom pick up spyware.   Mind you my PC is so well protected with layered protection with PivX's QwikFix; Black Ice;  Spyware Doctor;  Intermute's SpySubtract;  SpywareBlaster 2.2;   ParetoLogic's XoftSpy and Microsoft's Giant derivative which picked up a trojan the other day.   What one application misses, the others MAY pick up.   Layered protection is the way to go these days.   I also run Ad-aware SE Personal, and Spybot s & D but in my view it's time for these two to be put to pasture.   I give them both 30%.
Iain, thank you so very much for guiding me through.   I appreciate it very much, and what excellent replies I got from you!   Happy surfing for us all.   Best regards Bob.
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From: Iain Tatch
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Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2005 10:51 PM
Subject: Re: [Kmeleon-dev] No Toolbar on K-Meleon - HELP!!!

On Thursday, February 24, 2005, 10:42:11 AM, Bob Bowen wrote:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Bob, it's been one of those

BB> Thank you so much for helping an old man. I am quite adept on a PC,
BB> after 7 years of learning since retirement as a magistrate, but I'm no
BB> geek! Yes, I installed K-Meleon clean to C:/Program Files/K-Meleon, a
BB> clean install. no problems. It came up without toolbars and the few
BB> icons that were visible appeared on a non-locked interface - I could
BB> tell it was not locked by the dotted lines on the icons sections.
BB> There was one layer visible, showing a short write-up of K-Meleon but
BB> otherwise it was impossible to get a new layer for getting on the
BB> internet.

It's odd, very very occasionally K-Meleon seems to do this. I've never
been able to faithfully reproduce it, in fact I've only seen it happen
twice in the last couple of years that I've been using KM versions 8 and
9. the reason I asked about the clean install was because it seems to me
that when it *has* done this it's when I've installed over an older
version, even if I only installed the "older" version a few minutes
earlier then immediately done a reinstall for some reason.

BB> So I
BB> reckon it's not my PC - hard drive free space stands at 70%. Thank you
BB> so much for helping.

Your PC is definitely more than capable of running KM, it's quite a
lightweight browser and will happily run on Pentium 2 machines with only
64MB of memory :)

BB> Last night I uninstalled every vestige of K-Meleon, even from the
BB> registry, and downloaded version 0.9 Beta 4. I think I will wait to
BB> hear your advice before trying to install this one.

OK, the 0.9 betas have now been superceded by the full KM-0.9 release,
which you can obtain from any of the links on

I'd recommend you get that, and make sure that there isn't even a
C:\Program Files\K-Meleon directory before you install. Give it another
go, if you still have problems we'll start delving into the config files
and see what we can do.

Good luck!


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