Many thanks for the possibility to write this mail to you.
I downloaded K.Meleon 1.02.  I saw that it downloads very fast. For me this is ot outmost important, because I have a dial-up connection, and the servers here, they work in the range of the lowest rates. I nightmare for a retired Chemical Engineer.
The RSS feeds, when I open it, doesn't appear in html format,  that is , there aren't  links to activate,   thhere is only dead text.
Thre background color of a document, I can not find, where  is the place to do changes, like in Windows XP, using the right mouse  and going to Appearance.
How I do to use as default mail in K-Maleon the Opera Mail which is with Opera  9.02., instead of Outlook Express.
Many thanks.
Yours faithfully,
Sanson  Volmark
shabeshata keivan deal al
My address:
Yerbal 846
C1405CDR  Buenos Aires