Dear Support at K-Meleon,   I would not normally worry you, as I can help myself usually by going to the forums, but here's a sticky one:   I have no menus on my freshly downloaded K-Meleon (recommended by SupportAlert's Ian Richards aka Gizmo) and I downloaded, twice, the file
vcredis.exe from Microsoft, which was presented in a self opening zip file.   I send the installer to Desktop, but it simply will not activate.   The first time I sent the .exe file to C:/Program Files/VCRedistribute Runtime C++, dragged it to desktop, and it too will not open, hence the second attempt.
I was amazed at the speed of K-Meleon (yes, I used it without the menu:   it has only two bars showing:   "Layers" and "URL" - otherwise it is blank.
Please give me a fix and this looks like a real winner!   Well done.
Kindest regards
Grumpy Old Irishman,  Bob
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South Africa