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Kiwix / News: Recent posts

Beta5 of Kiwix 0.8

A the end, again a beta5 of Kiwix v0.8 with again a few bug fixes and improvements, especially the introduction of a help and a new page caching. (see the CHANGELOG).

Posted by Emmanuel Engelhart 2009-07-03

New ZIM with 120.000 Wikipedia articles in Spanish

Posted by Emmanuel Engelhart 2009-06-18

New ZIM with 30.000 Wikipedia articles in Italian

Posted by Emmanuel Engelhart 2009-06-12

Beta3 of Kiwix 0.8

Beta3 of Kiwix v0.8 with a few improvements and bug fixes

Posted by Emmanuel Engelhart 2009-06-10

Beta2 of Kiwix 0.8

Second beta of Kiwix v0.8 patching a critical bug impacting using of large ZIM files on 32 bits architectures (see CHANGELOG) .

Posted by Emmanuel Engelhart 2009-06-07

New ZIM with 80.000 Wikipedia articles in Spanish

[ Second alpha version of the Spanish selection] with more than 80.000 articles. Next version will have 120.000 articles and will certainly be the last alpha revision.

Posted by Emmanuel Engelhart 2009-06-03