#37 Replace Mediawiki <references/> with a link

zim (85)

Mediawiki references take a lot of place in the article and are only useful if you have an internet access (not the case for a lot of Kiwix user).
So why integrate them in the ZIM file?
A solution would be to replace them by a link to Mediawiki live instance.
An other better solution would be to load them dynamicaly if the user is online, otherwise showing a standard message.


  • Are you sure about this feature?
    References usually have external links in them, but in general they are used to specify or contextualize some information given in the article. Furthermore they are usually used to link informations with their source, co I think they should always be visible.

  • this is an idea... I personally prefer to have all references inside... but this could be an option in the ZIM building scripts.

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