running kiwix-0.8-rc2

  • Hello,
    I've tried kiwix-0.8-rc2 (very great software!), but for running it on my system (slackware 12.2) I had to do the following:

    -remove the two options "-executable" from
    -in the folder "kiwix/xulrunner/", make the symbolic links:
    ln -s
    ln -s
    ln -s

    • Hi,
      My "find" command came from gnu findutils-4.2.31, this version don't recognize -executable option (but I found that the latest findutils-4.4.2 it does).
      The extras libraries aren't needed for xulrunner executable, but for the kiwix c
      omponents (try: ldd kiwix/components/

      • OK, that is clear now.

        I have integrated the changes:

        The root cause for the dynlib issue is certainly that I compile against the system installed xulrunner libs and I should do that against the sdk.


    • Hi,
      Thank you for your feedback and congratulaions, with them we will be better.

      I think to integrate your propositions, this can only be better for, especially for Slackware users.

      The problems is that I do not understand:
      why your "find" doe not work correctly with the "-executable" param
      why the same binary (xulrunner/xulrunner) needs different dynlib files on different linux distrib. (works good by me on ubuntu)

      Do you have ideas?




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