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    What is the path of the zim files after i download they in my computer?
    (linux ubuntu 12.04)

  • it's in ~/.www.kiwix.org


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    I downloaded the zip file, but I have a previous installation of kiwix, (because I can not run kiwix, -or any app- from an ntfs partition), open the file zim from kiwix, but, It do not recognize the pre-indexed, where should I copy the pre-indexed? or, as I copy it?

  • just start kiwix from the unpacked zip file and this will work. you should have to move anything. Mount your NTFS with execution permissions if you can't execute kiwix on it.


  • Anonymous

    I'm really struggling to find the .zim file on OSX 10.9.

    Kiwix has downloaded the full wikipedia and I can browse it though the Kiwix app. I now want to split the file and place it on my phone's SD card. I just can't find the .zim file anywhere. No amount of searching is bringing it up, yet it must be there somewhere!

    Can anybody help?

    Many Thanks

    • This is somewhere in your personal folder. This is probably a "hidden" folder. Just search for the file "library.xml" or any "*.zim" file.


  • Anonymous

    For some reason it proved almost impossible to find. Every time I tried looking in the library it was hidden from view. I got around it by downloading a free app called 'find space' form the app store. That allows you to view files by size so the 10Gb wiki file was easy to find. That allowed me to view the file in the finder.

    Odd. Never had this problem before.



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