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For Developer: New server in CVS

The new server ikommd will replace isdninfo and i4lmond2 and will have extra functionality. It has builtin support for Vbox3 and Vbox. I just checked in my code to a) demonstrate that kisdnmon is not dead and b) to show the code to interested people. Some parts of the stuff are fully working, others aren't.

Posted by Mirko Leschikar 2003-10-08

Kisdnmon-daRav Version 0.97C

- this is a testversion
- gcc-3.2 compatible
- new design and layout
- new quick searh
- and bugfixes

Posted by Carsten Rietzschel 2002-09-13

Kisdnmon-0.97-daRav fr KDE3/QT3

KDE3 support
KABC Import (entspr. KAdressbook von KDE3)
Fax Support (nur empfangen) *
Serverseitige Verbindungsliste *
Anrufer-Bild einfgbar
mehr Infos findet Ihr im ChangeLog
* bentigt Server-Update auf Version 0.25

Posted by Carsten Rietzschel 2002-04-23