I fond the pattern: autocomplete only works if you write the second and third letter (or more) of a word first, then move the cursor to the beginning of the word, type that first letter, and the autocomplete options are envoked.

That's not right, is it?


From: Philippine Gei▀ler <philiphilli@yahoo.com>
To: kile-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Sent: Wed, April 20, 2011 1:23:51 PM
Subject: autocomplete


I saw that `decorian' reported a similar problem but nobody replied to him, so I wonder if you know more about this.

I am running Kile beta 5 on Fedora 14. It was brilliant until a few weeks ago when the automatic word completion stopped working (a tool I find very useful with all the complicated words in my thesis). To be more precise:
- autocompletion of latex commands still works fine.
- autocompletion of (normal) words actually works very few times (it almost seems random) when I mistype a word, delete a few letters, rarely autocomplete options appear. This is not dependent on typing speed and I cannot quite see the pattern when the options appear. However, they should do as soon as three letters are typed.

The autocompletion options are all ticked, I haven't changed any setting between the time when it worked fine and when it stopped. I removed kile and re-installed it again with no effect. (But then again `yum remove kile' removes the software and not the personal settings).

Is this anything you came across before?

Thanks for your help in advance