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Two problems with Kile 1.6.1

Diego Ruiz
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz

    Hi all!
    I have two problems with Kile. Maybe some of you will be able to help me:

    1) There are some shortcuts that are not working. For example, I use ctrl+b for \textxbf{} and ctrl+i for \textit{}. However, combination ctrl+t for \texttt{} is not working at all. The same happens with some other "user-defined" shortcuts.

    2) When using a simple editor, for example Nedit or Gedit, if I want to copy some data and then to paste it in my Kile window. It turns out the the "paste" option is not availabe. It seems that Kile does not recognize the clipboard's content when it comes from a different program.

    I'm working on Fedorea Core 2.

    Thanks a lot,

    • Hi,

      ad 1: It could be that Ctrl+T is conflicting (clashing) with some other, already defined, shortcut. That happens all the time.

      ad 2: This is a general KDE problem, please use the Klipper applet (in the systray) to overcome this.