Maven integration for Kile

  • Matute

    Hi all! I have been developing a plugin for maven to create a project for kile. This was inspired in the tedious task of adding all tex files (in some cases on by one) to a project.

    If you are familiarized with maven, using this plugin is very easy:
    1) Create a pom.xml and add the following:


    2) Put all your files under src/main/latex (you can use whatever directory structure here)
    3) run mvn kile:kile -Dkile.master.document="your_master_doc.tex"

    For delete the generated file use maven kile:clean

    You can download the sources from (there is a VERY simple example inside): Feel free to test it and upload all your issues, bug or features to

    That's all!! I hope you enjoy it!!!

    NOTE: This is a SNAPSHOT version, there isn't yet in any maven repo, so you must run first "mvn clean install", to use it. If this project grows, I will publish it into maven central repository.

    Regards, Matías!