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Installing kile unde Ubuntu without LaTeX

  • Rainer M. Krug
    Rainer M. Krug


    I have a local installation of TeXLive which is working without problems. I
    usually use LyX for making documents, and it works.

    Friom timt to time I need a LaTeX editor and there is nothing better then
    kile, so I installed it from the official ubuntu precise repository and it

    But I also had to install TeXLive packages as they are dependencies of kile.

    Is there a way of installing kile without TeXLive? Or do I have to compile it?



  • Jasper Aorangi
    Jasper Aorangi

    Yes. use a package called equivs:
    sudo apt-get install equivs

    Then create a file named:
    with the following (or similar) content:

    Commented entries have reasonable defaults.

    Uncomment to edit them.

    Section: tex
    Priority: optional

    Homepage: <enter URL="" here;="" no="" default="">

    Standards-Version: 3.6.2

    Package: texlive-base
    Version: 2013-1
    Maintainer: Jasper Aorangi
    Architecture: all

    Description: Equivs dummy package for texlive 2013

    now run
    equivs-build texlive-base

    Do the same for at least texlive-binaries, texlive-common, texlive-doc-base, texlive-latex-base but changing the Package:<blah> in each file.

    Make sure that the version is greater than the ubuntu versions by a long way!

    There may be some others that I have forgotten... certainly texlive tries to sneak in via all sorts of different sources.

    I have to do this for kbibtex some time too.

    Good luck.