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RFE: Sweave integration?

  • Dear forum,

    I, too, would like to praise Kile. It is far better than the other editors I've seem out there. Good work!

    Now, I would like to propose an enhancement. I frequently work with LaTeX and R in Sweave documents, and would like to find a simple way of keep doing so in Kile.

    Sweave works by passing the file through R and tex:ing the resulting file. Should be usefull for Octave too..

    • Hi,

      I have no experience with Sweave but it should be possible to accomplish this in kile-1.7.

      I guess the R2 processor takes a tex file and outputs a different file:
      R in.tex out.tex
      then what you have to do is to create a new LaTeX build configuration (Settings->Configure Kile->Build->LaTeX->New Config), with the following command:
      R '%S.tex' 'temp.tex'; latex -interaction=nonstopmode temp.tex; mv temp.dvi '%S.dvi'

      Or something like that. You can use this new config in a Quickbuild command too if you wish.

      Hope this helps.