Feature request:Custom highlighting in Editor

  • Soren O'Neill
    Soren O'Neill

    I like using LyX because it gives me a good overview of the text I'm working
    on, however I loose the detailed control which working directly in LaTeX gives

    Editors like Kile on the other hand gives me the raw LaTeX, but can make it
    very difficult to navigate in larger texts -- I for one very quickly loose my
    orientation and start scrolling up/down looking for the infamous needle...

    A good compromise (in my view) could be to allow custom highlighting of code
    within in the editor: e.g if the editor identifies a line of text as being a
    particular code (say: \section{Heading} ), that line would display in a
    particular on-screen style/typography (say: textsize 16, Bold characters or

    This would help the user retain the overview and still editor the 'raw' LaTeX.
    Any thoughts on this feature request?

    Soren - Denmark