System freezes

  • Hyga Phunkik
    Hyga Phunkik

    I am running basic 256 on a webbook with ubuntu netbook remix 9.04.

    I have not got past a 'hello world' program as everytime I try to write" for i = 1 to 10"

    The program freezes as soon as I get to the t in to.

    Has anybody else had this problem as I cannot seem to find a solution.

    • I encountered basic256 locking up on the "t" when typing "print" or pasting text with the "t" character.

      Work around found:
      Instead of launching from the main menu, open a terminal window.
      At the prompt type "basic256 &" (no quotes) and close the terminal window by typing "exit" (no quotes).

      BASIC-256 launches and runs without the aforementioned issue.

      Happy programming!!!

      FYI. I entered this work around in launchpad. Please note following URL:

    • Hyga Phunkik
      Hyga Phunkik

      Thanks very much I will try this.
      I may try using a bash script to run this as I can then keep it as a shortcut in the education menus if I want children to use this.
      Just curious, why do you think putting the & after  in terminal works? What are you telling the system to do with that?

  • Effect

    K so I'm running Kubuntu 9.10, and I'm having the same problem, crashing whenever I type "t". The fix doesn't work for me.

  • I'm getting this on jaunty. Above workaround doesn't solve the issue. Freezing occurs frequently when doing things in the edit window.

  • I compiled my own binary on jaunty (9.04) and all seems well. Version 0.9.2 seems to be giving better results than 0.9.5 so far.